About this science blog

Hi there! My name is Cris, thank you for coming by!

I am a PhD biologist, researcher and science communicator, who believes that curiosity is the secret to forming a strong opinion on science of one’s own.

Curiosity is a willing and proud desire of knowledge.

It equals action and challenges the status quo.

It is an attitude.

But curiosity feeds with information, ideally accurate, unbiased, reliable… and accessible.


I started this science blog because I believe people deserve getting the right information, and getting the information right.

Information gives us the freedom to choose what to think, by ourselves.

It carries the power of making rational choices, and understanding them.

No matter how complicated a topic may sound,  information and facts are out there, somewhere, waiting for us to find them.

You’re probably hearing a lot about GMOs, gene editing, conventional and organic farming, agricultural biotechnology, or genetic engineering. And it generally  sounds all too ambiguous to make up your mind on what to believe. Much more so if you have an inquisitive mind and like to think outside the box.

Well, this blog is an adventure for inquisitive and curious minds, who like to think outside the box.

If you join me on this journey,  we will demystify science together, we’ll try to debunk some of the fearmongering misconceptions that are out there regularly grabbing our headlines…. and we’ll also have some fun along the way!